A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

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A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

A Song of Wraiths and Ruin

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In a starred review by Kirkus Review states that the storyline is "revitalizing and exciting, Brown’s debut breathes life into ancient but still relevant folk stories". The Fire Alignment champion, Dedele, is an expert wakama player and in front of everyone challenges Karina to a match. But Malik doesn’t rely on the wishes of a genie or jinn to trick his way into winning Karina’s hand. WE LOVE TO SEE IT): mild self-harm ideation, fantasy violence, emotional and physical abuse, anxiety and panic attacks, parent death and animal death. in case you need some good news right now, the author describes this book as: black princess who doesn't give a fuck, black boy who gives so many fucks, slow burn enemies to lovers romance with PINING, so much backstabbing.

The wish has consequences, however, and a powerful spirit entity kidnaps Malik’s younger sister, Nadia. loved both our main characters as the book alternates perspectives between Malik (our soft boy) and Karina (our determined fierce girl).it's literally a west african jasmine and aladdin au but they need to kill each other despite obvious attraction. Now Malik and his older sister, Leila, must make a deal with the obosom, a sort of minor god or spirit in certain Ghanaian tribal folklore and religions, who has decided to collect Nadia as his payment for fulfilling her wish. The way it's connected to the story's unique astrology system and spirituality was just chef's kiss - I kinda wanted more detail on the patron deities and their eras though.

I didn't hate this book, but it was really hyped as an Aladdin inspired enemies to lovers epic, and I just didn't get out of it what I was hoping to. Lost her older sister Hanane and her father to a terrible fire when she was a young child, and grew up not really knowing her mother, both of them dealing with their grief in flawed ways.

Malik thinks it’s because she wants Tunde to win so she’ll marry her former flame, but really it’s because Karina doesn’t want to kill this boy she also likes. Karina believes the Kestrel to be cold and disappointed in her, but the Kestrel simply let her grief at the loss of her eldest daughter and husband turn her away from being close to her daughter. Her mother, known as the Kestrel, is the sultana of Ziran, and the only family she has left except for Farid, a ward of her parents and raised as her brother, he now works as the royal steward of the palace. After consulting with Idir, who is still trapped in his mind, Malik finds that he is able to summon Nadia out of her prison, and the three siblings are reunited. Each alignment temple chooses a champion to compete in Solstasia, with the winner gaining ultimate glory and a position in court, and their alignment will be the alignment that defines the next era until the next comet cycle.

The pacing structure is incredibly strange- sometimes picking up and moving with grace and speed- and other times, dragging and focusing on details that didn't feel like they were contributing a lot to the story and atmosphere as a whole. Karina gets so much taken away from her time and time again and she learns to live with grief while fiercely fighting against her enemies. I was most impressed by how Malik’s mental illness plays a role in the climax of this story - it feels very validating to me who deals with their own internal struggles, and I’m sure will be the case for many other readers as well. Raised like a brother to Karina, he was in love with her older sister Hanane, though supposedly Hanane didn’t love him back that way. An action-packed tale of injustice, magic, and romance, this novel immerses readers in a thrilling world and narrative reminiscent of Children of Blood and Bone.and although im not as obsessed with the plot (full of YA clichés) and characters (karina is soooo annoying) as everyone else seems to be, i still found this to be a pretty good story. I’ve done a number of re-reads as well as new books by favorite authors, but even though it’s early in the year, I believe this is a strong contender for my book of the year 2021. These characters feel like they don’t have time to ponder mysteries, but a part of me still kind of wishes that we lingered over certain things, and didn’t rush other scenes just to get to the next interesting plot point. Once they get out of the river, they find themselves in a necropolis built for the last pharaoh of the empire that ruled Sonande before Ziran. Thanks to Cath, I've found out Fairyloot has a limited exclusive edition of this book, all of the profits for which go to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which supports the Black College Community and thousands of Black college students.

But as soon as Karina sees her eyes, she knows that it could never have worked and that this being isn’t truly her sister, though it looks and sounds just like her.

It didn't justify their behavior, but it helped to understand why they handled situations in a certain manner. Helps Karina escape Ziran at the end of the story to take her back to Arkwasi, the only nation with an army to stand up to that of Ziran, and home to some of the few magic users left in the land.

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