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All the Things We Never Said

All the Things We Never Said

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The concept of this book is something I was looking for and I loved how this book focuses more on family and friendship. The writing is so good and beautiful. I liked it when I feel those three girls are really close to me. Like I know them for so long and I just don’t wanna let them go. I’ve been laughing, cussing and almost cried for them. There’s no romance part in this book and I feel okay about it because the main focus was on Mehreen, Cara and Olivia. On a last element, Ishii states that regarding the relationships of parents with their children, even the smallest gesture can have a significant impact, in one of the most tender moments of the whole movie. This debut novel is an absolute triumph in voice and style - each of the 3 POV characters are so fully realized, you will feel like you've known them your entire life and will not want to let them go. We get 3 POV in the book. It is a much needed POV. It shows even though we all go through something different, we deal with it different, the depression, anxiety, demons in our head, suicidal thoughts and everything but in a way all of it feels the same. We get different personality from 3 POV, with culture differences, different issues from depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, grief but they all share a common suicidal thoughts. This book is about three girls who are dealing with depression and anxiety. Life seems too much for them. Especially Mehreen. She’s the main focus in this book, I suppose.

However, I did really love the way Olivia’s character was written. From an outside perspective, Mehreen and Cara observe how Olivia isn’t someone who looks depressed. She’s incredibly chirpy for someone who makes a suicide pact with two strangers she hardly knows. But on the inside, when we read from her point of view, we see a completely different story. This, for me, was one of the most important aspects of the novel, stressing that you really don’t know what someone else is going through. Cara lost her father and the ability to walk due to a fatal car accident a few months ago. Her once friends have stopped visiting her, she doesn't attend school anymore, and her mum has become obsessively paranoid for her safety and cannot leave her side for more than six seconds. In this powerful debut written in three points of view, Yasmin Rahman has created a moving, poignant novel celebrating life. ALL THE THINGS WE NEVER SAID is about friendship, strength and survival. About This Edition ISBN:Olivia. Oh my Olivia. Everything in her story was so true. Her thoughts"Who would believe me a lowly girl over a lawyer". This is so common! Read Marilyn Monroe's story, who would believe her over a grown respectable man. I wish this was talked about more, so we could bring light that it is SO SO important to listen to the victim to tell girls we believe you we love you and we protect you. The author handled this issue so well, and thank you so much for the ending. Olivia deserved it, we deserved a happy ending for her. I HOPE THAT RASCAL GOES TO HELL. With that aside I have just one other criticism; all the mentally ill protagonists are female. I feel like at least 1 should have been male out of the 3. Male mental health is almost always sidelined and this book could have been a great opportunity for rep that was sadly missed.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with an advance reading copy in exchange for an honest review! Stránky mi ubíhaly pod rukama, měla jsem přečteno za dva dny #ctemesyoli . Jen v půlce se to zadrhlo, měla jsem pocit, že se chvíli plácáme na místě. Pak se vše ale zase dalo do pohybu a byla to (emocionální) jízda až do konce💛 .

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But when they realise suicide isn't the only option- it isn't the right option, the course of their lives begin to change. But what can you do if you've already signed your life away?

Hello Yellow - 80 Books to Help Children Nurture Good Mental Health and Support With Anxiety and Wellbeing - The book has three points of view but it is easy to distinguish between them as they each have distinct voices and personalities. All three girls are struggling yet when they meet each other, even they cannot understand why the others would want to commit suicide and I thought it was so important to see that. That just by looking at someone, even if they are smiling and laughing, they could still be drowning inside. They could still be struggling to cope with everything that is happening in their life. So it’s important not to dismiss someone, just because they look okay. My name is Panos Kotzathanasis and I am Greek. Being a fan of Asian cinema and especially of Chinese kung fu and Japanese samurai movies since I was a little kid, I cultivated that love during my adolescence, to extend to the whole of SE Asia.Ok, the characters are chefs kiss! I loved each and every one of them, and their bravery and courage just made me feel more attached to each of them. Anxiety and depression are illnesses, right? Not everyone accepts that, but it's scientifically correct. So anxiety is making you feel like this and depression is making you want to do this. The thing with mental illness is that it dominates your mind, pushes out everything that was originally there. So you could argue that it's not you making this decision, it's the anxiety and depression. Or your 'Chaos'." I first read Yasmin’s short story in A Change is Gonna Come and really loved it so I was really looking forward to reading her debut book. So I knew as soon as I heard about this book that I would love it and it did not disappoint! Mehreen is such a wonderful character, she’s unapologetically, unflinchingly Muslim. We see her pray and talk about how that helps her, we even get a scene where the girls go out for a meal and they find somewhere halal so Mehreen can eat and I loved that Cara and Olivia were so understanding and accepting of it. I know how you can feel so left out if you’re the only Muslim in the group. But one of my favourite things that Yasmin spoke about is something that is SO IMPORTANT when speaking about mental health and especially suicide in Muslim communities. That Mehreen did not commit suicide because of her love for Allah, and that takes strength. Everyone believes that Salil Singh killed his girlfriend, Andrea Bell, five years ago—except Pippa Fitz-Amobi.

It's not only the hurt at reading the comments but knowing the harm that those comments perpetuate, of how easily they feed into the rhetoric of hating on people like me. I wish I could have supported this book. We need more books of and by poc in UK YA (and everywhere, and with MI rep). But there's nothing that can erase the harm of those words to me. Trošku mě mrzí, že anotace na přebalu knihy prozrazuje hodně z děje, myslím, že bych byla z akce mnohem víc překvapená, kdybych anotaci nečetla, na druhou stranu tomu rozumím, tohle rozhodně čtenáře přiláká. At one point in the book Cara, a wheelchair user and one of the three main characters, has this to say about it:Olivia appears to have the perfect life. She's from a wealthy family, she's sociable, she's kind... but that's all she lets on. Underneath the faultless costume her mother has constructed, Olivia is a victim of sexual abuse. And her abuser is moving in next week. This book had me sobbing by the end of the first chapter. I had never read a story where the mental health rep so completely accurate to mine and reading it felt like I had finally been seen, that someone else really understood everything that goes through my head. I have related to other characters in other books but there has never been a rep where the characters religious beliefs also influences how they feel. This book finally incorporated all aspects of my life. V průběhu čtení mě chvílemi dost mrazilo. Představte si, že jste ve fast foodu a u stolku vedle sedí tři holky. Kamarádky, řeknete si. Možná si jich ani vůbec nevšimnete. Jenže co když se ty kamarádky seznámily skrz společné nutkání se zabít a právě teď přede všemi a před nikým sepisují dopisy na rozloučenou rodičům? Může to být kdokoliv. Co když ten člověk,co sedí naproti vám v metru,jede metrem naposled?\\ . It seems like a miracle when they sign their lives away to ''; it seems like their fantasies of escaping this world can finally become an actuality. As a child, she wanted to be a postwoman, but decided to settle for being an author. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Hertfordshire and an MA in Writing for Young People from Bath Spa University, both with Distinction.

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