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Mushaf: Quran Kareem

Mushaf: Quran Kareem

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The book also clarifies the concept of making Dua. It is true that we can ask for anything in this world and the hereafter and God has promised to bless us with if its good for us, but we often forget the essence of it all. Farishtay started asking for Humayun in every single dua she made, all her practices initially were focused on pleasing and connecting with her God and then all he practicing became on pleasing Him to get Humayun somehow. The beauty that was so evident in her workshop in the initial chapters of the book was lost. Nimra Ahmad plotted two parallel stories in her book (i) Ishaq e Haqeeqi (Love with Allah) (ii) ishaq e mijazi (love with a humen being) and i surely say this love with Allah can create everything in your life, particularly those things you think impossible. the Masjid Mentioned in the book is an eye opener how many Ialamic institutes in Pakistan do we know fit this criteria? I know it's a great message that you can find everyday answer in Holy Quran and I firmly belive it is the absolute truth, but the way it is presented in this novel made it some sort of 1 dimensional thing. A girl who had no knowledge of arabic language, who had never recited this book in her whole life finding answers just by reading few verses. Get real! It's Holy Quran, the books of signs not a manual. Some people spend there life in understanding just ONE QURANIC VERSE!! I might've tolerated it if 3 out of 100 time she get her answer directly and for the remaining 97 time she had to do some little research and some consultation with a mufti, but no she gets answers on daily basis by just reading or listening to FEW verses. The decoration and design in this project are inspired by the most illustrious Qur'anic painters in the

Love just love such a motivating one .I just feel ashamed because there were many things which I didn't know before .This story motivates me to recite Quran with Urdu translation. I m very excited because it seems I ll also find many answer of my questions there .This is also included in my resolution for 2019 .InshaAllah I ll inshaAllah .I experienced many feelings at a time I was hurt I was heart broken and I just thought why so many hardships just on those who are true followers of Quran .This afraid me and frightens me . I read Mushaf in digest and every month, I couldn't wait for the next episode. This novel is magnificent and well-beyond description. I just love reading it again and again after every few months. Reciting the Quran with the narration of Hafs in the Ottoman script from the Madinah edition in a calm,

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However, what made an impression on me the most was how the author connected the life of Mehmal with Quran and it became her source of facing the hardest of hardships that she had to face. Quran became more like a guide for her to assist her on every single decision and a source of attaining patience and her peace with Almighty. Ok.. so i was anticipating since long to read this book and now i have.. I loved the theme around which Nimra Ahmed plotted her story, but her plot is not that strong and grand as its theme is. I loved the parts where she explained how to read Qura'n and how to relate with it, i loved the way she explained importance of religion God and Mushaf but the only point on which i object is that she all done it through exaggeration. She did not weave a normal life scenario, there were so many loop holes in the personality of the protagonist Mehmil, and im mentioning those loop holes because they are hindering me to accept the spiritual journey of Mehmil. She never maintained her self respect, I didnt observe poetic justice in this novel as well. I felt Mehmil should be reagrded more. The book with its end has really pushed me to approach the Holy Quran from a different angle to achieve guidance and not just recite for the sake of it.

It was sooo annoying. I had to stop reading after every 10 minutes because every character in this story irritates me so much thay my blood starts boiling. Wheller, Brannon M. Prophets in the Quran: An Introduction to the Quran and Muslim Exegesis, Continuum Books, 2002, p. 5.

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In true Nemrah style, she manages to portray the beautiful relation that can be built with the ‘Mushaf’. I found it to be a unique tale, one that is interesting and meaningful, a reminder of how flimsy and temporal this wordly life is. MUSHAF KITAB SUCI AL-QURAN, AL-QURANUL KARIM, QURAN, QURAN TERJEMAH BAHASA INDONESIA) ADALAH PROJECT PRIBADI MUHAMMAD FERDIAN. Fatoohi, Louay. "Is the Mushaf a Complete Record of the Qur'an? The Controversy of Abrogation". The Abdullah Yusuf Ali Memorial Lecture 2013 - Souvenir Booklet. Islamic Book Trust. pp.2–5. Madigan, Daniel. The Qur'an's Self-Image: Writing and Authority in Islam's Scripture, Princeton University Press, 2001. Although I must say I did not like the descriptions of the physical outlook of each of her cousins where they were described to be average looking and need of constant make up to look "pretty" and how Mehmel was naturally very attractive.

As far as book is concern it is a master piece or one of the book near to become a master piece, not because I'm Muslim or i have read quran or i read tafseer and know real meaning of Quran but due to the story line and interesting way to teach. I adore Nimra Ahmad that she is using this method to teach her audience instead of dictating. The heroin's mom; oooh I wanted to slap her so hard for being such a weak, stupid woman. Not only she is weak but she doesn't even learn from her mistake. Also, did i mention that i didn't like the heroin AT ALL. She is hypocrite and has different set of standards for different situations. The scene during which she enters into the police guy's (forgot his name) home, WITHOUT his permission and tries to kill him was sooo idiotic and is completely out of character for heroin, here she didn't remember she has to travel "pul e sirat" after her death but in next scene when she visits the police guy in hospital and he asks her to stay for few more minutes she suddenly remember that she is with a "na mehram" alone and she has to travel "pul e sirat".


As is the writer's usual practice, you will be enthralled by the description of heroine's 'pony tail' and 'chamkeeli ankhhein' after every 5 lines. In Arabic, al-Qur’ān means 'the Recitation', and Islam states that it was recited orally by Muhammad after receiving it via the angel Gabriel. The word muṣḥaf is meant to distinguish between Muhammad's recitations and the physical, written Quran. This term does not appear in the Quran itself, though it does refer to itself as a kitāb (كِتَابٌ), or book or writings, from yaktubu (يَكْتُبُ) or to write, in many verses. [3] [4] Advanced index that includes the arrangement of the Qoran in the parts, and another index of the Sura, and you can search in both indexes.

I don't think we humans even think about it to pay gratitude to the other who always do mercy on us. We even forget the attitude of our parents, while we know no-one will be more loyal to us rather then our mother and father. But Allah didn't do it he remembers each and every bit of out righteousness for rewarding us and our faults to forgive us. As in this book Muhmal was the one blessed person to get changed her whole life and do believe on everything and decision came by the Allah. And i read the life changing story of her here, how crucial moment was that when her life was out of her hands she believes on people and her own sister came as an angel to guide her, to get help from Quran and after reading verses of Quran whole scenario was changed. It has been ages since I read a "HARDCOPY" of a book because I am addicted madly to my collection of ebooks, and even more ages since I read a book IN A DAY, with only very short breaks.It was beautiful and this book transcends the usual fictional stuff we read because it explains the soul purpose of our life. It is such a well rounded book mashaaAllah and completely covers everything you might have gone through or ever wondered about. Although at times I did find it a bit too on the surely-no one-can-do-all-this and a little over the top but I think that might be due to the reason that our lives haven't been touched and we have not reformed spiritually. I think nimra ahmed loves suspense and also loves putting religious stuff in novel and during all this she doesn't spent much time in characterization and plot develpment. Just to spice up the novel she put some twist during which her characters behaves totally out of there personality. Suffice it to say, I don't like Nimra Ahmed's writing style and totaly lame characterization and I didn't like this novel one bit! This book is an excellent reminder and insight on how we Muslims are meant to connect and use our Holy Book, something most of us have never been taught growing up. It goes beyond just reciting and understanding the verses, its about communicating to the One we belong to. One thing that I truly did realize through this book is how we often say that whatever is happening in our life its because God wants it to (referring to when Mehmel agreed to marry the evil cousin), I did realize that so many times we have done things and made decisions without even asking Him, without even asking for guidance in our hearts and how they have bot worked out for me, maybe if I would have asked for guidance, I might have decided otherwise. Wehr, Hans. A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic (PDF) (3rded.). Spoken Language Services Inc. p.523 . Retrieved 27 June 2018.Quranflash.com at your fingertips without needing an internet connection. Quranflash utilizes the concept of Masahef, tafseer databases) have been stored on the server. Upon request, the appropriate asset files are Mushaf is free and easy app to read Quran , (An electronic Quran) with unique features (reading - listening - memorizing the children - interpretation)

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