Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vape | 2 Year Warranty | 2-in-1 Convection Vaporizer | 3500mAh, 100% Isolated Airflow, OLED Display and Precise Temp Control, Dry Herb and Wax, Max Temp: 240°C, 12s Heat time

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Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vape | 2 Year Warranty | 2-in-1 Convection Vaporizer | 3500mAh, 100% Isolated Airflow, OLED Display and Precise Temp Control, Dry Herb and Wax, Max Temp: 240°C, 12s Heat time

Nectar Platinum Dry Herb Vape | 2 Year Warranty | 2-in-1 Convection Vaporizer | 3500mAh, 100% Isolated Airflow, OLED Display and Precise Temp Control, Dry Herb and Wax, Max Temp: 240°C, 12s Heat time

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Sparing is caring. At Nectar, we make sure our products are durable and reliable. With a replacement Ceramic Mouthpiece for Nectar Platinum Vaporizer, your vaporizer’s life will increase by at least 100%. High quality and durable, you’ll be vaping happily for years. Before highlighting the attributes of our three dry herb vaporizers, let’s remember the health benefits of dry herb vaporization vs dry herb smoking. As the health problems caused by smoking are detrimental, It is becoming more and more popular to find alternative ways to consume herb. The main difference being that one involves combustion and the other doesn’t. Smoking and combustion creates dangerous toxins as it burns at 900 degrees. These release carcinogens which are linked to cancer. Vaporizers don’t burn anywhere near this heat, and don’t use the process of combustion, making them healthier. However, the benefits are not only health-related.

So that’s how they work. But let’s have a look into the different elements of these immense contraptions. These are the parts which really make a dry herb vape better than others. There are three main elements to all dry herb vaporizers: the battery, the chamber and the mouthpiece. 18650 Battery Using the extract chamber requires removing the resin trap, which may result in inhaling debris. This omission creates potential issues, making the absence of the resin trap a significant concern. Strangely, this problem is rarely discussed; users might be too elevated to notice, or perhaps support simply ignores the issue, responding in a rather condescending manner.The Nectar glass water bubbler is functional and oozes with simplicity. With a 0.5-1.5cm rubber vaporizer connector, you can use this accessory on almost any dry herb vape. More importantly, it works perfectly with our Nectar V2, Gold, and Platinum devices. In addition, the glass water bubbler is extremely easy to clean. Simply pour water down the tube to reduce any excess aromas or residue, and use isopropyl alcohol to clean out the glass bubbler. It’s easy. The effect was profound and allowed me not just get high but appreciate the herb fully. After 2 weeks use As I mentioned before, it has really changed my smoking and vaping habits. Being in control of the temperature really makes a difference. If you’re new to the vaping community then it’s always good to remind yourself of the laws on vaping within the UK. A common question people aren’t sure about the answer to is: Is weed legal in the UK? Whilst recreational marijuana remains illegal in the UK, it looks as if as time goes by the government may ease their view. The Nectar Platinum dry herb vape heats via convection which is superior to conduction and eradicates the possibility of combustion, hence the release of toxins. This combined with a 100% isolated airflow allows for a consistently incredible flavour.

Frequent Cannabis Use In Adolescence Linked With Anxiety, Memory Loss And Brain Changes, New Research Shows First things first, how do these things work? Dry herb vaporizers work by heating up the herb (or buds) to a temperature of around 170-220 degrees. Sometimes you’ll be able to alter the vaporizer’s heat level manually, but other times it’s pre-set. The hotter the temperature usually means less flavour, but more strength. The vaporizer is able to extract and evaporate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the dry herb without combusting it. To put it simply, the weed gets blasted with hot air, and you inhale the vape. No rolling, no paper, no smoke. The Elements of a Dry Herb Vaporizer The platinum features an upgraded battery vs the Nectar Gold, so could be preferable for those looking to get more out of each charge.

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And, with good bud to vape, the Nectar Platinum also scores well for flavour! Some delicious Kosherberriez I vaped in my device recently really showed me what this can do, with gassy Kosher and fruity ZkittleZ notes fully distinguishable in the vapour. The first thing you notice about the Nectar Platinum is as that it’s very easy and self-explanatory to use. Simplicity is key and removing and replacing the Ceramic Mouthpiece for Nectar Platinum Vaporizer is simple. All you have to do is this: detach the cooling unit, pull out the rubber holder, remove the horseshoe clip and the mouthpiece will just fall out. Then, you can replace it with your new, fresh ceramic mouthpiece. It’s easy. The airflow is what impressed me the most – I really didn’t have to pull hard for a good amount of vapour, and the mouth piece made it easy to create good suction and airflow.

Thanks for your time for leaving us a review, we really appreciate seeing that the portable size of the device made a difference. This week we have been looking at the Nectar Platinum Vaporizer, and you can watch our video review right here on the ISMOKE YouTube channel.

Tobacco Products Directive – in 2017 it became harder and more expensive to sell your own e-cigarettes and dry herb vaporizers, meaning most companies now sell ones from other brands. It really elevates you from a hobby toker to a connoisseur, enhancing your vaping experience for a reasonable investment. Now you know all the information around dry herb vaporizers, we can delve into our own portable vaporizers. Finally! As previously stated, Nectar has three models. Each has different prices and attributes. Nectar V2 Vaporizer Using the glass water bubbler with your vaporizer will treat you to a fresh, hydrated and cool experience. Fast deliveries to the UK, and incredibly high quality, reliable products. Have several of their vapes and batteries, all outstanding.

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