Russell Hobbs 500W Ceramic Plug Heater, Electric Heater Adjustable thermostat, 12 Hour Timer & LED Display, 2 Fan Speeds, 2 Year Guarantee, Black, RHPH2001B

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Russell Hobbs 500W Ceramic Plug Heater, Electric Heater Adjustable thermostat, 12 Hour Timer & LED Display, 2 Fan Speeds, 2 Year Guarantee, Black, RHPH2001B

Russell Hobbs 500W Ceramic Plug Heater, Electric Heater Adjustable thermostat, 12 Hour Timer & LED Display, 2 Fan Speeds, 2 Year Guarantee, Black, RHPH2001B

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The most important thing is to never place anything combustible on or too close to the appliance. If using a fan heater, consider whether anything nearby can be blown over (it’s also worth noting that fan heaters should be placed in sufficient space to facilitate an airflow from behind).

Ceramic Heater | Robert Dyas Ceramic Heater | Robert Dyas

Many fan heaters also have a cold air setting – they essentially double up as fans in the summer. While not as potent as air conditioners, it could save you having to fit both appliances into your house. How safe are portable electric heaters? Talking of high-end choices… Cotswolds-based Everhot, chief rival to Aga, have just launched a miniature stove that we must include given that it’s the most Telegraph electric heater imaginable. At 500W, it offers the same power at maximum setting as some of the full-sized heaters above do on minimum. It makes some noise, but not much more than an old disc-driven computer. Apart from the temperature setting, the only other control is a timer to switch it off after up to 12 hours. If you’re sitting a few feet away from this not particularly handsome oil-filled radiator, initially it’s underwhelming. The oil takes a while to warm up, plinking and plonking as it goes, and the heat that slowly emerges from the top in a “chimney” effect goes up, not out. Over time, as cool air is drawn in from beneath due to convection, the whole room heats up, but in my test it took half an hour for the temperature monitor set ten feet away to register any rise at all.Frost protection is a common extra and sees the heater automatically switch on when the room goes below 5C. The most useful addition is a timer, allowing you to set the heating for the moment you wake up or arrive home. Upmarket models use an app for this, although you’d get much the same functionality with a smart plug.

Best ceramic heaters in the UK | London Evening Standard Best ceramic heaters in the UK | London Evening Standard

Standing knee-high, it can be plugged in anywhere, but you won’t be moving it around much: at 50kg, it takes two people to lift and does get very hot. The heat escapes from the vent at the top, making this a convection heater like many others, but after about half an hour the rest of the cast iron body heats up too, radiating warmth outwards for quite a while after it’s turned off. Electric heaters may be essential if you live in one of the four million or so households in the UK that don’t use mains gas heating and are a good solution if you’re just looking to heat one room, or only need to heat in short, sharp bursts. Your heater’s power will be measured in kilowatts (kW). For most small- and medium-sized rooms, a 2kW device will suffice. All of the heaters in our review are 2kW or under. Running costs are usually calculated by the hour (kWh). High demand I used an electronic temperature gauge and timer to see how long it took each heater to warm a room by five degrees. I took my readings from 10 feet away to make sure the warmth spread. The performance of any electric heater will depend hugely on room size and insulation, so I tried them all in both small, well-insulated rooms and larger, draughtier rooms. I also took into account weight, portability, ease of use and how good they looked.According to technical service manager at Pimlico Plumbers Bennett, these are the most efficient on the whole. They use an electrical current within thermal oil, heating the oil and circulating it around the heater, a bit like water in a radiator. They are convection heaters, meaning that as the heat rises it draws in cooler air in underneath to be heated in turn - an effect that works best in well-sealed rooms. Once set up though, the app is actually simple: just a temperature dial, a high/low power switch and a 24-hour timer. These functions are also available using touch-sensitive controls on the heater’s ‘screen’ which go invisible when you’re not using them. So it’s not as complicated as it looks, just more complicated than it needs to be. It’s not exactly a looker, but this very reasonably priced 2kW convector heater works a charm. Its core boast is that it heats up in a minute, thanks to special mica panels Duronic has developed. The panels also radiate heat sideways, not just upwards, making it a good choice to place by a favourite seat in a large room. (It should not be placed against a wall.) I doubt you’d leave it on that long. This is best suited to warming up a small room like a kid’s bedroom just before putting them to bed, or in a small study while working. I tried it plugged in at desk level but it was much more effective at knee-height: the plume of warm air extends outwards and upwards for about six feet.

RUSSELL HOBBS RHPH2001 Ceramic Plug Heater Reviews RUSSELL HOBBS RHPH2001 Ceramic Plug Heater Reviews

Apart from the thermostat the only controls here are a three-step power dial and an old-fashioned 24-hour timer divided into 15-minute segments that you pull out for ‘on’ and push in for ‘off’. verifyErrors }}{{ message }}{{ /verifyErrors }}{{ When the price of gas soars, a portable electric heater (sometimes known as a space heater) is worth considering. Used properly, with judicious use of the thermostat, they can be economical – particularly for heating bedrooms and for occasional use in the coldest parts of the house. “When gas prices are unaffordable they may help cut bills if used sparingly,” says Rob Bennett, technical service manager at Pimlico Plumbers. “But electricity is not exactly cheap at the moment either. So you’re looking for the most heating output from the lowest electricity usage.”

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