Sub Hubby, Dom Boyfriend, and Me

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Sub Hubby, Dom Boyfriend, and Me

Sub Hubby, Dom Boyfriend, and Me

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Shave off all body hair and make your body soft and smooth to remind yourself you are a docile male. This doesn’t mean I’m not loving, affectionate and attentive to Alice. I am. But I expect that she fulfils my demands when I make them and that she spoils me and she obediently completes any command that I make. My demands can happen anytime I feel like and and can be anything from wanting a drink served to doing something sexual or sexually humiliating to her. The instruments you choose to use for punishment should be comfortable for you to handle. Naturally, as your experience grows, so will your collection, but for now we will only discuss the basic items to start you off.

The first time he hesitates after being given the signal, stand up and beat his bottom and upper legs really hard. Try to become extremely determined and irritated with him, perhaps raising your voice and getting a more stern, irritated look in your eyes and scare him enough so that when you sit down and tap your leg again,


Fetish privileges: you can reward or punish your slave with pain. Some painful kinks will pleasurable to him, others will not. For instance, he might find 10 lashes of the crop sexually rewarding, but I doubt he will find 60 lashes with a crop exciting. EGO REDUCTION Instruct Alice while holding on to her arm/hand to kiss your ass & boots repeatedly in front of two or more women in a deliberate manner Your first chore is to remove all personal belongings from sight. Your belongings should not be visible to the naked eye. This is your Mistress’ (future) home now. My reply regarding Chemical Castration was specifically in response to. lady Jennifer’s comment about possibly getting her husband’s testicles removed. That seemed very extreme to me, even in this forum. I want to increase Alice’s humiliation by humiliating her in front of other people: women and sissies. I want other females to see me humiliating Alice. Equally, I want Alice to become good friends with other sissies for my amusement and to do what ever I tell them to each other.

One last thing you have to keep in mind is your timing. Learning the timing and creating the correct timing in D/s-M is a true tool to a submissive or subMrs. Think about your husband. Does he need time to be brought into things? Does he like to hold your hand and jump as much as you do? Is he willing to study or is he more the standoff, nobody is going to tell me what to do type? So a good submissive knows her timing. This is important in the beginning to know if you will need to Purge with your husband before moving forward onto your Formal Acceptance. Preparation Now that I've got all that scary stuff taken care of, let's talk about a couple of happy people that want to explore a bit of kink in the bedroom or even change their relationship into a D/s one. We began some fantasy play about adding additional people to our play time. During this time my wife began menopause. As is the case with a small percentage of women she entered a stage of hyper sexuality. While she was always a very sexual person she was even greatly more so now. We began quite innocently enough to talk about finally making some of our fantasies reality. I was basically on board to her desires letting her lead the way with input and suggestions when it deemed fit. Your husband wants an FLR. But he won’t be able to keep to it at first. It is hard to change habits and develop new habits. For instance, if you want to control his weight, it will be hard for him to resist that burger during his business lunch. Yes, you can monitor his weight (and you should) but what if he’s not losing weight? You will need something to exert absolute control over him.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than to humiliate my husband. Seeing him in pretty feminine clothes or exposed to me, and others performing menial tasks is wonderful. She's not just preaching women's strength and leadership – she's a live wire sparking a gender-role rebellion. For Cat, women are more than leaders; they're queens to be served joyfully by men, weaving bonds of strength and sisterhood in every aspect of life. Essay. Each sissy must write an essay in, say, half an hour. The subject: Why I am the Best Sissy… or Why I am not a Real Man. My submission has recently taken a new road, but that’s a whole other post, and for now, let’s stay at the ‘how to begin’. You may want to keep your whole D/s-M, not just your submission, in the bedroom to begin with and let it flow out as you feel it cum naturally. If you brought the idea of this dynamic to your husband, a big part of your role is being a “tour guide” for him into D/s-M, submission, and even his Domination. This is why it’s important for you to start here at the VERY beginning understanding all the basics so you can pass them on with confidence to him. What’s Your Dominant’s Role?

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